CocoAndré is a Mexican-American-family owned chocolate shop in Oak Cliff, Texas.

Andrea and Cindy began their journey as entrepreneurs nearly 10 years ago after they were both laid off. Today, they are proud to have built a business that represents their heritage, culture, and story as Mexican-American-Texan mothers. CocoAndré takes pride in handcrafting all of their chocolates with love. As an accomplished master of truffle creation and chocolate design, Andrea enjoys combining traditional European techniques with modern flavors from Mexico. She has been perfecting her unique style over the last 30 years. Her daughter Cindy, who is a first-generation Mexican-American and is also plant based, is passionate about figuring out the best ways to create delicious non-dairy treats inspired by the flavors of her family's heritage. Some of their original creations include chocolate high heel shoe, spicy dark cacao, vegan peppermint bark, a milk-white-dark chocolate piñata filled with Mexican hard candy, and their famous sea-salt pistachio bark. They also enjoy working directly with customers to create one-of-a-kind designs for parties, business functions, weddings, and other special celebrations.